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Elderly & Widows re-roofing project

A five day project to fix five homes. our vision was to help those who have nobody to help them and are to infirm to fix their own homes. We identified 5 elderly couples and widows in the widows ministry and it was awesome to see what our team and a few builders could accomplish in a week. One old man said that he had been praying for 40 years for a tin roof on his house but never really believed that it was going to happen, he thought he would probably die under his leaking grass roof. Last year in the rains his house had fallen because the roof leaked so much that the mud walls crumbled. We dug in four strong cement pillars at each corner so the roof sat on these and even if a wall cracked the roof would remain firm. Thank you Jonny from living stones Eastbourne for your help to make these elderly peoples dream come true and their lives become more secure in their old age. If you want to invest in a roof for a elderly couple or widow it costs about £250 per home and is a gift that changes lives!

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