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Hope for 1000 homes famine relief

Hope for 1000

It is said millions of people will starve in Malawi this year.

So what can we do to help?

So often “helping” can hurt if not done in the right way. In Malawi “helping the needy” over decades created a dependency syndrome which resulted in apathy and a lack of dignity and creativity among many needy families.  In a year of famine; with so many being hungry around us; how do we respond in a Godly manner?

Mr Mondiwa

Mr. Mondiwa is a widower without employment who live in a rural village and he is not hungry!  This past  growing season (a season of draught) Mr. Mondiwa produced more than enough food to sustain himself for a entire year while others around him ran out of food within a few months. He is one of the farmers who has been taught in Foundations for Farming and has become an inspiration to many farmers in the same village

helping by empowering


YWAM is working in partnership with crown ministries on this trans-formative project. We identified five needy communities where we are targeting 200 families in each to benefit from an empowerment outreach.  These communities are in Machinga, Phalombe, Salima, Thyolo and Zomba.  Each community is sending four farmers for two weeks intensive training at the Crown Stewardship School.  After being trained they will return to their communities and train 200 families how to grow 52 lines of maize (one line for every week of the year) at a very high standard.  Those trained will receive seed & Fertilizer packs.  From each line they can harvest 15kg of maize, enough to feed them for a week.  In December the same families will receive 20kg of high nutritious porridge to provide energy for working well. With sufficient rain each family will harvest enough to feed themselves for the next year!


The sponsorship for every family to have 20kg of porridge each has already been given. This will help them eat in the height of the hunger months before the harvest, but your partnership will provide food for the whole of next year. $20 will buy the seed and fertilizer needed to feed a family. If you want to give to provide such an amazing gift to empower those most in need, use the following ways to give.

UK (£) donations By Post: 

YWAM Blantyre, 13 Lismore rd, Eastbourne, East Sussex, BN21 3AE, UK

make checks to “REVIVAL” please attach a clear note saying the check is for “YWAM Blantyre, hope for 1000”. The government kindly gives us an extra 25p for every £1 you give if you are a tax payer and have filled in a gift aid form. CLICK HERE to download a gift aid form to send with your donation. For help with this or a direct deposit ring Revival 9-4 Mon-Thurs at Revival : (UK)(0)1323 725231

USA ($) donations by to post:

YWAM Blantyre, P.O. Box 214, Beaver Crossing, NE, 68313, USA

Please make checks payable to ” Tekoa211″ and put a note with them saying the donation is for “YWAM Blantyre, hope for 1000” they will facilitate the tax receipts at the end of the year.


Give online using PAYPAL just CLICK HERE or you can use our paypal e-mail ID info@ywamblantyre.com in your paypal account. (Gifts using PayPal can’t be claimed as charitable giving on your Tax return)

Also we can send you details of our bank accounts in Malawi, USA, Canada and the UK for you to deposit directly.