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Firm Foundations Bible Studies

Rooting people’s lives in the Word of Life

At YWAM Blantyre, we are passionate about growing people in their relationship with God. We believe that it is essential for everyone to Know who he or she is in Jesus Christ and to grow and see the impact of the Kingdom of God in their own lives and the lives of others.

Bible Study GroupsThrough our evangelism and church network visitations, we noticed that most of the believers we were spending time with lacked basic Bible knowledge. Many of the new believers did not have access to proper discipleship and so they struggled to mature to a level of faith where they were able to independently live their lives with God for God. Many did not know who they are in Christ and for some, they struggled to know even the basic Christian beliefs of faith and grace.

In Malawi there is a need to bring quality Bible teaching to the people and especially to church leaders in villages where many have had little or no formal Bible training. We want to be part of this process. God has put it in our hearts to teach the body of Christ so we can help facillitate a nation of people who want to passionately serve Christ and who effectively reach out to their own communities.

Bible Study VisitsWith a team of two at the core of this ministry (Felix and Sheila), we offer Bible training to two main groups:

  1. Individual and small groups of believers (new believers and those who have not been discipled yet);
  2. Church leaders.

Currently, we have small group Bible studies taking place in our surrounding community of Chigumula. Each week, we gather together to have fellowship and to encourage one another in our faith. We are trusting God for a multiplication of these groups, developing into a network of believers who are then able to reach out and disciple others.

worn bibleWe are also implementing a program of Bible training for people in leadership. Each group has between 5 and 15 people and we teach how to study the Word of God (how to study and teach), Bible doctrine, and tools to disciple others.

We believe that through the power of the Holy Spirit and by teaching the truth, we will see mature church leaders and believers in the body of Christ who will reach others and multiply the harvest of souls for the Kingdom of God.