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Children’s Ministry

Children's WorkJesus said ‘Let the little children come to Me, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven’ – we are passionate about seeing children grow in relationship with Jesus Christ.

The main children’s work takes place on Wednesday afternoons, where we regularly minister to over 100 children each session. They come and spend time playing, chatting with our staff, singing songs and growing in their Bible knowledge. We have been developing our facillities and we now have a playground, football pitch and a large tent enabling our staff and visiting teams to engage with the children in many different ways.

Kids ministry has been running in the area now for almost 20 years and some of the full time staff on the base (even those who run the kids ministry) grew up and started their own discipleship in the kids ministry years ago. This is the age that we can train children in the way they should go, this is the age when we start to disciple missionaries. Lord raise up more oaks of righteousness from among these amazing young lives.