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We are seeing explosions of salvation as we work together with indigenous church planters. God demonstrates in community after community that He can heal the sick and transform lives with His saving love. Thousands of people hungry for God gather for the Jesus movie, and we preach wherever the crowds come, but our focus is specifically the rural and more remote areas that have either never heard the Gospel or where it has never been presented clearly. Our vision is not to build a denomination but to build the Kingdom, so we have forged partnerships with several church movements. After our open-air meetings the pastors of these church movements stay, along with our team, and draw those who have made a commitment to follow Christ together into a church. Our desire is that every person would hear the gospel and experience its power demonstrated in their lives, and so we are training teams and equipping them by building equipment or using Jesus movie kits on loan from Campus Crusade.

evangelism crowdsWe usually camp in a village for a few days, doing evangelism in the evenings. In the daytime we run children’s programs and pastors’ training; we value strengthening faith and deepening the knowledge of God by running pastors’ training courses. The children’s work involves playing games and having fun, learning about God through dramas and Bible stories, and just investing time in them and loving them. It is such a privilege to show these children that they are loved, valued and adopted into God’s family, and they respond with excitement and hunger for the goodness of God. We sometimes show a children’s version of the Jesus movie, which is the Gospel of Luke spoken in their local language. They are really touched by even small presents or treats we bring them. In times of famine we take in food or other relief to distribute.

A visiting DTS student stands atop our car with two thousand people gathered to hear the gospel after a football match.

A student stands atop our car with two thousand gathered to hear the gospel after a football match.

225454_218889914805603_100000537878456_804971_5496831_nWe love to have visiting teams come and learn how to pray, and preach the gospel to the poor who are so hungry for Him. It is so wonderful to see visitors experience God using them to heal the sick and deliver those who are oppressed. In some meetings we have seen God heal every person; God keeps demonstrating that His good news is true! If you would like to bring a team, click here to get in contact with us. We value giving opportunity for people to grow in their individual gifts and supporting them in that; it doesn’t matter how much or little experience they have.