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Healing Rooms

healing rooms

We believe that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever and when Jesus was walking physically on earth, he laid hands on the sick and they recovered. Jesus also promised that we would do the same and greater things as we release His Kingdom here on earth by His Spirit.

Healing Rooms is a manifestation of this desire to see people transformed by the power of Jesus Christ. Gilbert and his team meet weekly on Friday afternoons to pray and seek God. The doors to the base are opened and people from the local community are welcomed to receive prayer, both for physical sickness and other challenges that they are facing.


It is a blessing to see people arriving with back pain and walking out pain free and to see legs grow and sickness flee. The healing rooms ministry is like a doctors surgery except that people receive prayer and support rather than medicine.

Please pray for the team here that we will see greater manifestations of God’s power through the weekly sessions and that people will meet Jesus as a result.