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Youth Ministry

website trainingThe Youth Ministry seeks to help young peopel to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ and develop skills for their future. We believe that every young person should live out their full potential and so we seek to aid that process.

Youth takes place on Thursday afternoons and the programme is divided into two parts: IT Skills Training and Discipleship.

The IT training is taught in blocks of ten weeks, where young people who commit to the whole course will recieve a certificate outlining their training. This training is led by staff from the base who are passionate about seeing technology impact Malawi for the Kingdom of God.

computer training

The second half of each session focuses on personal discipleship, encouraging the

young people to grow in the faith and to allow Jesus to be part of their every day experience. With BIble Study, worship and teaching, there is oportunity to look in more detail about who Jesus is, what He did, the Holy Spirit and how to allow God’s Kingdom to impact every area of our lives.

The partnership of teaching and training is important, providing both practical and spiritual support as they become young men antraining dayd women in our community.