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School of Evangelism

healing dramahfuture school 2018

From almost the first day I knew Jesus I knew that I had to share this truth with others, all around me were hundreds of people who’s were living pointless hopeless and broken lives and God had given me the answer the solution the reason the purpose the hope the freedom, YES the gospel was in me and I knew that when my friends had this gospel in them everything could change.

maket on th truckThis school is for people like me, like you! who know that we are called to tell others about how our lives have been changed and help those around us take their first steps into knowing Jesus. This school is for those who have the passion to share the gospel but don’t know how to do it effectively yet. For those who have been used in evangelism but want to move to the next level.

village bapatismI remember preaching the gospel to thousands of people hundreds of thousands over years and seeing almost nobody turn to God. But God has been teaching us how to share his love and speak out His kingdom message and demonstrate it in power so that lives can be changed. We know that when we go out we will always be lead by Holy Spirit into situations were individuals and huge crowds of hundreds will choose to follow Jesus. We want to make this opportunity open to you to come and learn how to be an effective evangelist that brings in the harvest when you Go out, that heals the sick, deliver the oppressed, shows love to the rejected and broken and sees heavens family grow as you do the work of the kingdom with the KING.

market ministry

We are on a journey learning together to be equipped evangelists that disciple the lost and least. We are journeying with those we meet who are far from God, right through the great stages of being born again through to being free and empowered members of the church the family of God. This school is a doorway to come and join us as students of the great evangelist the Holy Spirit who every day is drawing all men to God.


village evangelism

  • It opens your understanding to learn more about what missions is, and ignites your passion for the lost!
  • It trains and equips people who have a passion to reach out to lost souls
  • It is a five months course with Youth With Mission
  • It gives 20 credits towards a university of the nations degree
  • It is a school that enable people to minister in different methods of evangelism
  • It is a school that helps you to use your gifts God has given you eg. dramas, preaching to large crowds, prayer for healing and musical gifting.

The whole school is five months long

12 weeks of lecture phase  – 8 weeks of outreach phase

A visiting DTS student stands atop our car with two thousand people gathered to hear the gospel after a football match.

A student on our car with two thousand people gathered to hear the gospel after a football match.

evangelism one on oneTOPICS INCLUDE:

  • Apologetics
  • Leading youth movements
  • Power evangelism
  • Cross cultural communication
  • Spiritual warfare
  • Serving the church
  • The great commission and revival
  • The message of the gospel
  • Starting organic discipleship movements
  • Making disciple makers / calling fishers of men
  • Understanding salvation
  • Door to door and personal evangelism


  • Local (Malawians) 300 Dollars
  • Zone 1 (Africa excluding SA) 400 dollars
  • Zone 2 (Latin America, Asia, Middle East, South Africa) 950 dollars
  • Zone 3 (North America, Canada, Europe and the Pacific) 1350 dollars

shamah in mudOUTREACH FEES

  • Zone 1 (Malawians + Africa excluding SA) 250-400 dollars
  • Zone 2 350-500 dollars
  • Zone 3 600-1000 dollars
  • Dates 4th August – 22nd of December 2017


The School of Evangelism  is accredited with the University of the Nations (UofN) and students who successfully complete their SOE will receive a certificate of completion and 20 credits


rap on shamahApplicants for the School of Evangelism must be graduates of a YWAM DTS. And must provide their DTS certificate as part of their application.

As Youth With A Mission, we have values that we follow; the first two of these are: “to know God, and to make Him known” This is what YWAM globally is known for.

Mathew 28 tells us that we are supposed to GO – this is not a plea but a mandate that our Lord Jesus Christ tells us! We as YWAM Blantyre have taken hold of that mandate, and we are reaching out to different parts of this nation, Malawi.

set up shamahThrough our evangelism ministry, we have managed to establish four outreach centers in four districts of Malawi, one of them is in a Muslim area and more developing.

We are inviting YOU to be part of this great and awesome work God is doing by attending this school of Evangelism. We are inviting YOU to make a change in this nation and the rest of the world!

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