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Well Drilling Seminar

Appropriate Technology Well Drilling Seminar


This course will introduce students to the fundamentals of drilling a well for clean, safe, drinking water by the use of simple hand tools. The tools are light weight and designed for portability. The use of these tools is relatively inexpensive compared to motorized drilling rigs that are expensive and require a higher level of knowledge to maintain. The student will split their time between hands-on training in the field, with actually drilling several wells, and discussion time in the classroom. The course will discuss the operation of an Afrodev hand pump, the most common hand pump used in most developing countries. This course will also cover drilling the bore hole, installing the hand pump, constructing the concrete platform around the pump and learning how to maintain the hand pump that keeps the well sustainable. After completion of the course some students might choose to make an income from their new knowledge, while at the same time using the opportunity to share the gospel of Jesus and provide water for communities. Missionaries and trainers will gain enough of a grounding in well drilling to be able to introduce and teach this program in their setting.

Course topics:

  • 65507_526909820693765_1942059293_nWorking with water committees and well requirements in your communities
  • Overview of geology as it relates to water well drilling
  • Where to locate the water well
  • Getting to know the Afridev pump, pipe and cylinder.
  • Preparations for hand pump installation.
  • Boring the hole with an auger hand tool.
  • Placing the casing pipe in the bore hole as soon as possible and then installing the cylinder, pipe, connecting rods and pump.
  • Construction and design of the platform.
  • Afridev maintenance and repair.
  • Learning ways to find resources to pay for the well and pump.

Course Objectives:

  • 31484_527380887313325_1319447892_nTo instruct someone how to drill a bore hole with hand tools using an auger type tool bit.
  • To instruct how to install an Afridev hand pump.
  • To instruct how to construct a concrete pad to mount the Afridev pump.
  • To instruct how to maintain the Afridev pump to make the pump sustainable.
  • To demonstrate that having this knowledge could help someone support themselves as a missionary.
  • To help lead someone to provide clean, safe drinking water for a community health initiative.
  • To demonstrate that helping someone to providing clean water makes a great opportunity to present the gospel of Jesus Christ.

If you’re just looking for the theory of well drilling and don’t want to get muddy and have aching arms, as you dig for water in a village without water, then click away. But if you want to gain the theory as you learn how to dig wells, install pumps and fix broken pumps, then this seminar is for you. If you’re interested, then please contact us and we will send you more details.