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widowsWe are a group of young people who are so passionate in reaching out the elderly and widows with the full gospel of our lord Jesus Christ. We strongly fell that these people are included in God’s plan of salvation.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to reach out to the elderly and the widows with the good news of our lord Jesus Christ.

Our Mission:

We have started gathering them in two different locations one in Chipanda village in Blantyre with a membership of twelve and another one in Bangula (Nsanje) with the membership of fourty five.

In Chigumula

We are meeting with them once a week to share the struggles that they are facing and encourage them with the word of God and prayers.

We rented a field which is along the river and we are using it to plant different kinds of vegetables and maize which they sell and also share for their home use. This season we are about to harvest maize which they will share among them to use in their homes, this is very successful program because some of them they had no courage to work in their own fields but learning from the group the way how we are doing they also are encouraged to go and do in their own fields.

We are working with the church leaders in each location to make sure they have a safe place to go and share their life challenges with those who can give them a Godly cancel.

Future Plans:

We are looking for a big land to buy enough to build a resource center which we will develop to keep some cows, pigs and chickens. we already have the funds for this but are seeking Go for the right place, where we can build our staff house and live there for security and to be available for those in need.

We are planning this so that the program will continue reaching out to the whole person being spirit body and soul. As we will be selling milk, eggs  we hope to be offering training to them and  give them  capitals to do small scale businesses that will enable them to stand on their own financially.

In Bangula:

We are working with a pastor who is overseeing the program in this location he is meeting them once a week and give them encouragement through the word of God. I do go their occasionally but planning to be going their once a month.

We have been sourcing some food items from well wishes that we have already given out to them in this last hunger season.

Future Plans:

We are also looking for a land to build a care house for elders and a feeding centre where they can be coming for daily mills and encouragements.

Hosting church leadership trainings where we will mobilize the church and remind them of their role in caring for the widows, orphans and elderly.

To make sure that the needs of the elderly, widows and orphans are met Holistically, just as the word of God says.

Taming goats and for the upkeep of the feeding centre.
Livestock rearing ministry method

The young of the goats or pigs will be given to the elderly and widows to keep but their first young one will be given back to the ministry so we can give them to others in need.

Cows that are reared for milk, the elderly will be paid a better price for grass if they can bring some to feed it or we will employ people to care for the cow with grass and the profit will cover the needs of the cow and hopefully other needs.

Our Core Values:

Christ centrality

Unity and team work
Servant hood
Stewardship and Holism

Our General Objectives:

To mobilize the churches by reminding them and challenging them about their role to play in the Gods plan over the elderly, orphans, and the widows.