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School Fees

Financial policy of YWAM Blantyre

YOUTH WITH A MISSION is an international, non-profit, faith ministry and is not underwritten by any group, church or denomination. The costs are met by the students’ fees although reliance is placed on God to provide the equipment and property needed to back such a programme. You will be expected to provide your fees as listed below.

1. All Malawian residents applying from within the Country shall pay 1000 MWK, and 1500 MWK for couples.
2. All applicants applying from abroad shall pay $50 each, and $75 for couples.

Food, lodging and tuition for each quarter (3 months of the lecture phase) costs as follows (based on the Per Capita Income of the nation in which the student has citizenship)

Local (Malawians):    $300

Zone 1 (Africa excluding SA):    $400

Zone 2: (Latin America, Asia, Middle East and South Africa):   $950

Zone 3: (North America, Canada, Europe and the Pacific):   $1350


Spouse not attending a school $350
Children under two years FREE
Children 2-6 years $100
Children 7- 17 years $250
Youth over 17 years $350

A. Normal plan: 100% on the day of registration.
B. Monthly Plan: 50% on the day of registration and other 50% on or before 1st day of 2nd month.

No late payments are allowed for students doing their very first school with YWAM Blantyre.
No student will be allowed to stay on a school beyond the 3rd week if no payment is received.
Late payments may be allowed in instances other than the first should satisfactory arrangements are made
with the school leader.
Late payments may be subject to a 10% penalty.

Due to the volatility of our currency against most other major currencies, this base now works only in our local currency. However, we are in a position to take any foreign currency and bank this and credit you with its value on the day we do the transaction.

As our prices are among the lowest, there can be no further reduction on the fees. Since YWAM is an 
international, interdenominational, multilingual and multiracial organization, the fee schedule takes all of the
 above factors into consideration, in order to make university-level education accessible to applicants meeting the requirements for admission. We view the higher fees paid by students from more advantaged
 communities as their contribution to the process of empowering others who are less fortunate. Such
 generosity is always a welcome return to YWAM’s founding values. Furthermore, we deeply appreciate the 
participation of students who feel the same way about helping the needy.
 NB: Should a student not complete a school the international refund policy on page 29 of the University of
the Nations catalogue, 2002-2004 will be applied to the student’s refund claim.

These costs are separate from the lecture phase and will differ depending on where the outreach will be. The last DTS outreach cost $250 for Local and Zone 1 students and $600 for Category 2 and 3 students
Please Note: ALL prices are subject to change without prior notice.